Monday, January 10, 2022

What would make a woman marry her dog?

A woman married her dog.Eamonn Holmes gave the bride away.The groom a golden tertriever wore a top hat.Love Islands Ken Cetinay acted as a ring bearer.


There is actually- the only legal marriage is between two human beings- but there were few give aways that this was not a solemn occasion.

Allison Hammond,officiating,struggled to keep it together as she called for those present to voice any"bones of contention" as to why Elizabeth Mary Francis Hoad and six year old Logan Humphrey the second should not be wed.

What would make a woman marry a dog even symbollically? Before the ceremony Hoad,49 said after failed engagements,220 dates and A range of unsatisfactory experiences in the search for love-men concealing wives,men her age pursuing younger women- she had given up on the male of her species.

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