Monday, January 10, 2022

Peter Okoye fumes, set to sue bank for fraudulent activities done in his name .


Singer Peter Okoye has vowed to take legal actions against a bank that allowed someone to open an account in his name. Unfortunately, the person is using the singer's name to carry out fraudulent activities.



He wrote: 

|"Enough is Enough!!! This is 2022. I will soon start calling some banks out! It’s either it’s an inside job or otherwise! I have a name to protect here and save some of this innocent victims! So get ready for me and my legal team! 

|"How can banks allow someone to open an account in the name of PETER OKOYE PSQUARE without valid means of identification, no biometrics,no BVN,no verified address or even utility bill to correspond the address of the account owner. Now they are using my name to scam innocent people! I am Suing this Banks for damages and calling them out soon! #Fraudalert." 

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