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5 Notable ways To Make Money[Without Investment]

Many people these days are complaining about being broke.They are asking this question.Is there anyways i can make money without investments at all?Yes indeed there are 5 notable ways To Make Money[without investment].

Why must you be broke at all in the midst of plenty?. The global lockdown the world over has made lots of people to have cash crunch problems,because the coronavirus has affected the earning power of most people who can not go out to make money like they used to do before the onset of the virus.

.The internet has made it somehow easier for most people to make a living from the comfort of their homes.However, you have come to the right place.

Here i will show you how to make tons of money fast without any investment.Here we go.


This is one of the notable ways to make money quickly without investment .Writing is as old as the Hieroglyphics of the ancient Egyptian civilization.

.Is writing your thing? or do you have a flair for writing?.If your answer is Yes, then this is it.This is for you.Your skills are needed in Health ,Financial , Travel industries to name a few.

Employers are gradually giving small tasks to freelancers ,though the tasks are becoming gradually monotonous and specialized in nature

.However you will need to have samples of your writing skills uploaded to the websites in your chosen niche.This will give businesses ample opportunities to assess you potentials and worth.

Your pay will depend on your abilities and experiences in writing.Your skills in programming,editing,and designing,will give you added advantage.

There are platforms that connect freelancers to potential gigs/businesses

They are;




*99Designs .Get in touch with them.


This is another notable way to make money without investment.YouTube is an American online video sharing and social media platform owned by Google.

.You tube is established to conceive, circulate,and disseminate information.It is an indespensible communication tool all over the world

.It is an avenue where videos are assessed liked,disliked, commented on and so on.The viewership,the followership, and the commercial activities on this platform is staggering.People earn millions of dollars regularly.It is second most visited site in the world.

Are you good with cameras? Are your editing skills great?Are you passionate about any particular niche?Then this may be for you.Then you can earn money by reviewing products  and posting advertisements.

You will have to open a you tube account to enjoy these immense benefits, and start raking in the bucks.As at now text are being converted to videos.You can add content to your channel to make huge amount of money.


This is another notable way to make money without investment.Blogging is a process of conceiving and running content for a blog

.It is a good way of making lots  money (easily) if done correctly.All you need here is your passion, and an access to a computer of any design,mobile phones,and a platform to put in writing your thinking,obsessions,and your interests.You can express your ideas to the world.

A blog, however is like a diary or a journal updated by an individual/s.This is where your writings are logged before being uploaded unto a platform.

This platform is where your viewers can see your writings or drawings.You make your money through Affliate marketing,selling your own products on your blog,advertisements.

You can also monetize your blog through Google adsense.You can apply for Google adsense even without having platforms or websites.

The more popular platforms where you can publish your works are;









This is another notable way to make money without investment.This is when a business pays you a commission for traffic or sales generated from your referrals. You help diverge  people to business sites to purchase their goods or services.

.Every sale triggered by a link from your site will make you a certain percentage of the sales.In these days of  Print ,Electronic,and Social media, businesses are taking advantage of   the information and enlightenment band wagon.

.Every body wants to be informed on the happenings around them and the world over.So Affliate marketers are an indispensable tools for companies to get their products across to as many people  as possible at a given time.

You can start by contacting the companies informing them of which of their products you like to market.If you already have a blog,this will be great advantage to your marketing efforts.It is pertinent to tell your viewers the benefits of the affiliate products you are marketing.Be honest with them too.

These are a few affiliate programs that pay on commission;


*amazon associates

*C.J affiliate

*eBay partners




This another notable way to make money without investment.A virtual assistant is an autonomous person who dispenses professional,administrative,or creative assistance to clients to some extent from a home office

.Due to the pandemic, there  has been an emphasis,on non contact jobs. i.e jobs you can do from home,Virtual assistants usually perform the same chores as say a conventional secretary or administrative assistant will normally do.

These chores might include,answering phone calls,attending to e-mails,make travel plans e.t.c.Salaries reflect the tasks you are assigned to,skills,and years of experience,.Lets say a ball park figure of about $50,000 Annually.

Some of the skills that you may be required to possess might include,communication,technical, and organizational skills.You may be expected to be "Jack Of All Traits,Master of None"

You can look for potential clients on these sites;





I am sure that all the people asking the same question,Is there anyways i can make money without investments? can  see that yes indeed,there notable ways to make money[Without Investment] of whats so ever.

.It is understandable that many people feel the same way as the lockdown which was a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic was destructive in nature.

It systematically killed the incentives of people to work,disrupted creativity,and made people impoverished.These notable ways of making without investment has been carefully researched and found to be reliable.

.If put to use correctly you may start earning money(fast).Though your skill levels,experience,training,and passion,may affect the outcomes of these methods

So i am really glad that i have been able to show you the 5 notable ways to make money[without Investment].

Disclaimer:The information contained in this website is for general information purposes only. we make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy or reliability. Any reliance you place on such information is therefore strictly at your own risk.

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