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5 Foremost Non-Lethal Self Defense Weapons[Most Comprehensive Guide]


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 People ask can we protect ourselves?Yes I have 5 Foremost Non-Lethal Self Defense Weapons,to show to you.
Many Households and indeed many people around the world are worried sick about their safety and that of their beloved ones. The statistics on violent crimes are staggering.Most crimes,especially violent crimes are committed by those between ages of 20-30.More than 400,000 die from homicide each year around the world.Most people are in a dilemma on this issue-whether to carry lethal weapon like a gun for self defense or be killed.They are afraid of killing somebody or be killed.Of all the available non lethal weapons available I have picked these 5 for portabity,affordability,reliability,functionability,and security.


It is  a foremost non-lethal self defense weapon.It is great for restraining an attacker from coming close to you.It is also advisable to carry a flashlight in what are usually known as "blind spots" those are locations that dark or not well lit

Flashlights are also good for impairing the vision of a would be attacker when an attack is close to being made.This method will definitely incapacitate an attacker and make him flee.

You can use the flash light as an improvised weapon.When attacked you can whack your attacker in all the "good places"viz,the head, knees,ribs,face,and shoulder joints.

A flahlight must be long lasting,handy, and properly illuminated.


This is another foremost non-lethal  self defense weapon.This is the most preferred.It irritates the eyes to cause a burning sensation, pain, and temporary blindness. Its inflammatory effects cause the eyes to close, temporarily taking away vision.

Pepper spray is a defensive device, used  to temporarily stop a threat and allow the user to escape physical harm from their assailant. ... Spray the attacker in the face and eyes for best effect.


It is another foremost non-lethal self defense .Strike your attacker on the arm or legs. Target parts of the body such as the mid-thigh, the front of the shin , back of the hand or fingers. Avoid hitting the assailant on the head unless your life is threatened .As soon as you have weakened the assailant, escape from the scene if self defense was your motive. If the attacker is ready to engage you in a combat, you may have to block before hitting.

It is however advisable to be trained in the use of the baton,because there is always that possibility that it can be taken away from you if you have a strong attacker and be used against you.Baton is largely a military or police weapon for operations especially in the arrest of suspects.So it is advisable to check if you may be able to carry one.


It is another foremost non-lethal self defense weapon around.Like the other non-lethal self defense weapons ,stun gun is known for its portability and affordability.It is easy to carry around and it is not expensive.Stun gun's maximum effective range is not too impressive.This is because it does not guarantee one time hit on an attacker from a distance.This  might be dangerous.The attacker can react quickly and mount a counter attack.

To attack your opponents ,go for large muscle groups,and the nerves.Places like the face,neck,stomach ,thighs,and the groin area.It works on electric muscular incapacitation.stun gun can temporarily immobilize a person.By shooting your stun gun at your opponent,you are jolting them with 50,000 volts of electricity.The discharge is also known as a "cycle", and can only last for 5 seconds.


This is another foremost non-lethal self defense weapon.Tasers fire small dart-like electrodes that can deliver a high voltage shock to disable temporarily an attacker at a distance.

It produces a variety of nasty effects like minor burns, puncture wounds, uncontrollable spasms, moss of motor function, nausea, and extreme pain.

Tasers, like some of these non-lethal self-defense weapons, have been linked to deaths.

The taser has all the attributes of a superb self defense weapon.These are simplicity in usage,ease of carriage, maximum effective range in attack-i.e,an attacker be hit at a distance rather than in a close proximity,and an element of suprise to the would be attacker.

There you have them,5 Foremost Non-Lethal Self Defense Weapons that can protect you from unanticipated attacks.The worldwide lockdown brought by the coronavirus has exacerbated the sufferings of most people who can not leave their houses to make money.So there are tendencies for people to delve into crimes and criminal behaviors.

Any Non-Lethal Self defense weapons  must have these qualities to be reliable.They must be portable,durable,reliable,and effective in a distance.Of course it must be legal to carry about in your community.Good luck and say safe

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