Friday, October 1, 2021

The Tribe In Nigeria Where Women Wear Leaves Instead Of Clothes Out Of Fear

There is a certain tribe in the state of Adamawa, identified as the Koma tribe. They are part of the 7 districts of the Ganye local government. The people of Koma live in the Atlantic mountains and also border of Southern Cameroon. In 1961, the Koma people were fully recognized and accepted as Nigerians. This ethnic group, known as the Koma, is a group of people who still live in prehistoric times.

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In Cameroon, you can find up to 21 villages where the people of koma live and there are also up to 17 of their villages in Nigeria. Like other ethnic groups, these Koma people have their own special language that is spoken, a language identified as the koma language. The language belongs to the Congo Niger language group

Unlike other tribes that passed through prehistoric times, the Koma people still live their lives as in the past. They highly value their traditions and still practice them today. Koma people don't even wear clothes like us, men wear ties, while women use fresh leaves to make clothes. Men are ready to wear clothes as opposed to women who prefer leaves.

 The reason women avoided getting dressed was because they believed that if they did, they would anger the gods and he would visit them with death and barrenness. When they go to the market, these women puts on wrapper and takes them off when they return to the hills.

The Koma have quite a strange tradition, especially when they accept them as friends. Men have the right to share their own wives with their friends and even with their visitors. Just as everyone else greets their visitors with Kolanuts, komatose men greet their visitors with their wives.

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