Monday, October 4, 2021

OKE OSISI: The Story Of Anunuebe, A Mysterious Tree In Igboland Which No Birds Dared To Perch On

 Anunuebe is the enigmatic and all-powerful king of all trees in Igboland. The mystical tree, is said to be used to make a variety of powerful charms and herbs. No bird would dare to perch on the Anunu-ebe tree.


Nnunu’ or ‘Anunu’ means birds. ‘Ebe’ means never perches. Only powerful native doctors or medicine men go closer to it. But before that, there must be a form of appeasement inform of sacrifice.

The powerful Anunu-ebe tree grows in the forest, far from human settlements. It has medicinal properties, as some powerful healers and medicine men use its leaves, roots, or bark to make potions.

According to legend, the Anunu-ebe tree grows so large that it spreads its leaves so widely that it casts large shadows around itself.bOther trees in the vicinity of the Anunu-ebe do not expand or spread their leaves in the same manner.

The Anunu-ebe tree grows into a massive structure that towers over and above the other trees in the area. It is frequently described as a mystical plant that will not allow other plants to grow around it.

Nothing is said to grow under or within the area where the Anunu-ebe spreads or covers its leaves. Under the Anunu-ebe tree, no grass can grow, and any bird that perches on any of its branches dies instantly.

he powerful Anunu-ebe tree's leaves never touch the ground. Cobwebs are woven around the tree's top, where all of its dead leaves fall. Whatever is alive that comes into contact with the Anunu-ebe tree's root dies. That is why there are no other plants growing around it.

Strong medicine and powerful herbalists Men who use Anunuebe tree parts are usually those who are known for very strong charms and powerful amulets. When thunder strikes, other trees nearby are said to be affected, but not the great Anunuebe tree.

The powerful Anunu-ebe tree's leaves and roots are said to be a cure for leprosy, syphilis, and other deadly diseases. They claim that its parts are obtained by approaching the powerful tree from afar, reciting incantations, and then throwing a live rooster at it. If a normal human approaches the Anunu-ebe tree, he will perish.

Before going to the Anunu-ebe tree, one must first consult a well-rooted dibia to help check the movement of the Anunuebe spirit. This is due to the fact that there is a specific month when it is claimed that the spirit departs, and this is the only time when one can go to take leaves, roots, and other parts for use. It must take a brave man to obtain the parts of the Anunu-ebe tree, the king of all trees.

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