Friday, October 1, 2021

Nigerian navy disowns officer's allegations against Chadian soldiers


The Nigerian navy on Tuesday disowned allegations made in parliament by one of its senior officers that soldiers from neighbouring Chad were selling their weapons for $20 or $30, contributing to unrest in northern Nigeria.


The navy described the widely reported allegations, made by Commodore Jamila Abubakar Sadiq Malafa on Monday at a public hearing held by a committee of lawmakers, as "unauthorised, personal comments" and said they did not represent the navy's position.

Nigerian and Chadian militaries have been cooperating in the fight against insurgents from the Boko Haram and Islamic State, which are active in both countries.

"The Nigerian Navy appreciates the indelible contributions of our regional partners/neighbours in the fight against small arms and light weapons trafficking," it said in a statement issued on behalf of the chief of the naval staff.

Chad's military welcomed this response to what it described as false allegations.

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