Monday, October 4, 2021

Jennifer Garner Sends Selfie To Random Stranger In Wrong Number Mishap

If you got an unexpected selfie from Jennifer Garner, it was the real deal, not an alias. The “Camping” actor was trying to connect with former costar Carl Lumbly, but didn’t have his number quite right, she said Friday on instagram.


“You know the one time you take a selfie to prove to someone you’re you?” Garner wrote. “And get a ‘wrong number’ message just as it’s gone out into the world? Well, it’s humbling, isn’t it.”

The caption accompanied a screenshot showing that she had texted someone, “Carl―this is Jen G. Here comes proof.”

The recipient replied “wrong number” just before a smiling selfie of Garner went through. Garner then texted, “Hahaha ... Well this is me!”

Based on the post’s hashtags, she’s still trying to track down a number for Lumbly, who played CIA agent Marcus Dixon alongside Garner’s Sydney Bristow on ABC’s “Alias.”

Garner sang Lumbly’s praises in an interview with Huffpost earlier this year.

“He was my total partner,” she said of their “Alias” days together. “It was Carl and I together in the middle of the night, doing these crazy things, speaking languages and just doing things that were so physically hard together.”

Hopefully they can reconnect soon!


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