Friday, October 1, 2021

In this episode of sex sent me to ER, woman falls from balcony during passionate romp

 We’ve heard some strange stories of how a bizarre moment of passion can lead to some embarrassing visits to the emergency room. There’s even a TLC show dedicated to it.But this latest story may indeed be the most peculiar one we’ve come across in a while.


According to Britain’s The Sun, a half-naked woman fell from the balcony of a flat during a steamy session in Taipei, Taiwan.

Unfortunately for her and her partner in crime, the entire incident was caught on CCTV, from the moment she fell and landed on the roof of a car.

Apparently, she slipped off the ledge and fell feet-first into a parked car, wearing just a top, panties and with her shorts dangling from her leg.

The realisation of what just happened must have hit home when she started writhing in pain due to a back injury.

The car didn’t fare too well either – she left a massive dent on the roof and damaged the paintwork.

“I was walking home when it happened,” one witness was reported as saying. “I did not see her fall but we heard a loud crash and she was already on top of the car.

“A man then came to her and helped her.”

The man in question was her partner who rushed down to help her. She was taken to hospital with a minor back injury.

The couple also had to pay for the repairs to the car, which belongs to a neighbour who lives in the same block, The Sun reported.

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