Wednesday, October 13, 2021

A man in Bosnia built a rotating house so his wife can change the view from her window whenever she wants

 Kusic, 72,said that he built the house for his wife so she can change the view out of her window whenever she wants.When Kusic and his wife got married, he told the AP, he built a home for his family where the bedrooms faced the sun.


 As a result, the living room faced away from the road, and his wife complained that she couldn't see guests walking up to their home, he told the AP, so he said he remodeled the home, tearing the wall between the home's bedrooms and turning the space into a living room.

He later transformed the home when two of his three children moved out six years ago, Kusic told the AP, adding that he remodeled the layout so his remaining son could live on the top floor while he moved downstairs with his wife.

Kusic said that he "got tired of" his wife's complaints with their former home. So, he said, he told her: "I'll build you a rotating house so you can spin it as you wish."

Kusic told the AP he built the rotating mechanism with electric motors and wheels from a military transport vehicle.

Kusic told Reuters that he built the new house entirely himself.


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