Sunday, September 19, 2021

Woman sues her gynecologist of nine years after discovering she's his biological daughter, lawsuit claims

 A woman filed a lawsuit against a New York-based fertility doctor, claiming he's her biological father and used his own sperm to impregnate patients without their consent.


 The 35-year-old woman accused Dr. Morris Wortman and his Rochester clinic, the Center for Menstrual Disorders, of medical malpractice, battery, infliction of emotional distress, negligence, fraud, and lack of informed consent.

The plaintiff wrote in the lawsuit that she is the daughter of a woman who received fertility treatments from Wortman in the 1980s, AP reported. The lawsuit said the plaintiff knew she was born in 1985 through artificial insemination and that Wortman was "revered" by her family for helping her mother conceive.

Wortman allegedly told the family that the sperm donor had been a medical student from the University of Rochester, but the plaintiff questioned Wortman's claim after taking a DNA genealogy test in 2016. AP reported that the woman discovered at least nine half-siblings who were also children of the sperm donor.

AP reported that the plaintiff's suspicions continued to grow, but she was a patient of Wortman and continued to visit him over nine years. Wortman performed breast and pelvic examinations and discussed the plaintiff's sex drive and similar personal issues, AP reported.

The plaintiff wrote in the lawsuit that Wortman also asked questions about her family, and at one point, he brought his wife into an appointment to meet the plaintiff.

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