Sunday, September 19, 2021

Wendy Williams Tested Positive For COVID-19, Now Hospitalized Over Psychiatric Concerns


The 57-year-old’s staff are said to be ‘freaking out’ as The Wendy Williams show premier was further delayed  after she was reportedly hospitalized for psychiatric issues.


Earlier this week, an ambulance was spotted outside Wendy’s apartment in New York City.

A spokesperson NYPD subsequently said: ‘There was a call for a 57-year-old non-violent female who needed psychiatric services at that address on Wednesday morning. They were transported to the hospital.’

It was recently announced that the controversial TV star had tested positive for a ‘breakthrough case’ of Covid-19 and staff members are said to be ‘increasingly concerned’ about the show’s future.

The staff has been back for weeks now anticipating to have the show return at the end of the month.

Now with it pushed back, staff is freaking out and becoming increasingly concerned and it doesn’t help that information isn’t being shared internally.’

The incident continued: ‘Everyone is finding out what is happening in the news like everyone else.’

Wendy’s team announced earlier this month that she was taking a break from work to undergo health evaluations before she was later diagnosed with Covid-19.

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