Sunday, September 19, 2021

Rescuers discovered 2 shipwrecked children clinging to their dead mother, who had saved their lives by drinking her urine to breastfeed them.

 A woman from Venezuela has been hailed a hero for keeping her children alive after the boat they were on capsized, leaving them all to drift in the sea for four days.


Mariely Chacón, her husband, and their two children, aged 6 and 2, were on a pleasure cruise from Higuerote to Tortuga island, Venezuela, with five other people when a large wave split the boat's hull apart on September 3.

The incident forced the group to spend four days adrift on a small lifeboat in the scorching sun.

To keep her children alive, Chacón drank her urine, which allowed her to breastfeed them.

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