Thursday, September 23, 2021

Mother allegedly stabs toddler to death then stuffs her in garbage bag

 A Michigan mother was charged with murder Monday for allegedly stabbing her 3-year-old daughter to death and stuffing her body in a trash bag.

Washington Examiner

Justine Johnson, 22, was arrested Friday after her brother found a human foot sticking out from a garbage bag and called the police, according to an affidavit.

Police arrived on the scene to find the corpse of the young child with multiple stab wounds, authorities said.

Johnson was not at home when authorities recovered the body, and police reportedly found her walking along railroad tracks.

The young mother appeared unemotional when questioned about the situation and did not wish to speak about her child's death, police said.

The child's death left area residents horrified, said a local business owner.

"It's a shock, I've been here a long time, and this is the first time I heard of something like this since the 70s," said Martin Gayeski, owner of the F-41 Laundromat across the street from the home where Johnson lived with her grandmother.

Police asked to view footage from his security camera as part of their investigation, he added.

The affidavit also indicated that Johnson's brother had called the day before the alleged slaying to ask about his niece's location. The mother told her brother to mind his own business

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