Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Meet The Aka Tribe, The Culture Where Men Breastfeed And Take care of The Babies.

 Naturally, women feed their young ones with their mammalian gland, and both the male and female gender possesses the mammalian gland, this drives you to an endless question of what is the use of the male mammalian gland?.

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This was the phenomenon hat marvelled Professor Barry Hewlett, who is an American anthropologist, who spotted males breastfeeding their young ones among the Aka Pygmy people of central Africa. After experiencing this weird thing he then decided to stay with them and study the tribe.

The Aka Pygmy tribe is a remote tribe that is far from civilization, located in the Repiblic of Congo, they call themselves the people of the forest.

When Professor Barry Hewlett began living and studying this tribe he realised that this particular group of people have what is called gender egalitarianism when it comes to parenting. 

One fascinating thing he mentioned about this group of people was that the female and male roles are interchangeable, that is when the women are out hunting the men are at home taking care of the kids, while the men are making food the women are looking for where to set up where they will get t

The Aka society value children a lot, because in this tribe some young ones don't get to touch the ground for the very first year in their life, they don't even place their kids in another room to sleep, according to Hewlett, he said that Fathers in the Aka tribe are always within hand reach of their babies 47 % of the time
The people of the Aka Tribe are very versatile when it comes to gender norms because there's nothing like a full-time housewife or a stay at home dad, there is also a strong division of labour and household duties/ child-rearing responsibilities among both gender.

Even with all these sexual divisions of labour among the aka people, it doesn't mean that all aspects of the society are egalitarian, because the men still hold the top leadership positions and don't have any ego when it comes to who will hunt and who will take care of the baby.

As Hewlett began spending more time with the Aka people, he said that the experience helped him become a more appreciative father of the house.

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