Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Meet The 5-Year Old Girl Who Had a Child.

 Who would think of the possibility of a 5-year old conceiving a baby in her womb? Well, you’d love to read about Lina Medina who is tagged the “Youngest mum ever” as she had her first baby while still 5.


Lina Medina grew up in a small village called Ticrapo, in the city of Peru. She was born into a family of nine, by her parents who were silversmiths.

At age 5, her parents took her to the hospital having noticed her continuos protruding abdomen. They were concerned about their daughter’s health as they couldn’t decipher what could have gone wrong within her. 

 The doctors on seeing her concluded she might have had a tumor in her belly which kept growing within her as each day rolled by. As no conclusion is really a conclusion in the medical profession without appropriate examinations, series of tests were conducted by one Dr. Gerardo.

 A mind-blowing result came out that got everyone shocked. Lina was with a baby! And you know what? She was already in her 7th month of pregnancy. She had a baby boy just six weeks after through a caesarian section (surgery) as her pelvis was too small to accommodate a baby.

The doctors found out Lina she had a condition called Precocious puberty. This is a medical condition characterised by early development and maturity of the sexual organs.

 For Lina, her mother really did say she had her first menstruation at age 3, though medical researchers documented it as 8 months. So, at age 5, Lina was fertile enough to have had a baby. This rare condition was only known theoretically. However, Lina’s pregnancy became the first ever recorded case of Precocious puberty.

Lina’s son was named after Dr. Gerardo who conducted the pregnancy test and stood by her all through her stay in the hospital.

 Little Gerardo grew up believing Medina to be her sister until he found out when he clocked 10 who she really was to him. Lina grew up to become a young adult. Dr. Gerardo found her a job in Lima clinic as a secretary to help her keep up with the responsibility of motherhood. This helped her get education and also put her son through school.

As expected, everyone would want to ask who could have been responsible for the baby. However, till date, the real identity of Gerardo’s father isn’t known. Lina was just 5, meaning she took in while she was 4. Obviously she knew nothing about men.

 There were assertions she was raped during one of the yearly festivals in the village. Her father was also a suspect and was arrested.

 He was later released as there was no evidence to prove he was the culprit. Many doctors and medical researchers took interest in the case as this was new to every eyes. They were however shunned by the family who wanted their daughter to have a normal life just like their every child.

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