Wednesday, September 1, 2021

I sell the body parts - Richard confesses and 'reveals' how much he sells the body parts

The recent cases of murder in Ghana is disheartening and heartbreaking. Many Ghanaians have raised questions about how this heinous crimes are gaining grounds in the country.

Opera News

 Recent reports posted by Joy News has it that, Ghana recorded over 300 cases of murder from January to July, a statistics with the Ashanti Region being the leader.

Recall, few weeks ago, news broke out about the murder of some 3 children by one Richard Appiah, a resident of Abesim. Richard was arrested and sent to the Police station to be interrogated on the cause of the murder.

 Days after his arrest, some aggrieved youths of the town stormed his house to burn it down. According to some youths, the murder puts the name of the town into disrepute and therefore he should punished as the law demands. This was revealed by an anonymous police officer in an interview.

Fresh information trickling in has it that, Richard Appiah kills and sells the body parts of his fellow human being for money. Investigations found some receipts of transactions (GhS 10,000) which is believed to be money from selling some of the body parts.

He has confessed that, he sells the body parts to people for over GhS10,000 cedis. This is an abominable crime and should not be entertained by the law.

The youth should be cautioned about their desperate desire for money and engage legal means to raise money.

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