Tuesday, September 7, 2021

How Many Tattoos Does Rihanna Have?

Rihanna is one of the world's most famous names and faces. Just like the pop icons that came before her, she has managed to reinvent her image and sound successfully and grow a loyal fan base that adores her.



Over the years, Rihanna has rocked numerous hairstyles and hair colors. Along with her locks, another thing that has evolved is the amount of body art she has

According to Steal Her Style, Rihanna is clearly a fan of body art and getting herself inked, as she has 25 known tattoos.

 As the outlet noted, the "Only Girl (In The World)" chart-topper's first tattoo was of a small Pisces sign behind her right ear in early 2006.

 Pop Star Tarts reported that the ink was done by a famous Brazilian artist who is so in demand, people usually have to book them three years in advance. Being the superstar that she is, Rihanna did not have to wait and got her first tattoo done during a visit to Tokyo.

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