Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Daddy Freeze Reacts to Viral Video of Wives Praying for Their Husbands Not to Cheat, Says It Will Not Work .

 Nigerian media personality, Daddy Freeze, has shared his thoughts on a trending video of some women praying for their husbands. In the clip making the rounds on social media, the women who were in church with their spouses were seen holding them tightly as they prayed against them cheating. 


As the women held their men, the pastor was heard in the background saying that other ladies would look like excreta and smell to their husbands and that he will desire only them. 

Not stopping there, the pastors asked the women to give their husbands a kiss and told them to notice that the men’s faces had changed and become brighter. 

Well, it wasn’t long before Daddy Freeze reacted to the video and explained candidly that he did not think the women’s prayers would work.

 The media personality then went ahead to narrate how a woman once got ulcer from praying and fasting after getting married to a man who was interested in other men.

 He advised the women in the video to learn to spice up their marriages instead of the incessant prayers. Part of his post reads: “Instead of all these comedy skits, these women should slap on some make up, wear nicer clothes and lingerie like the side chicks are wearing.” 

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