Thursday, September 23, 2021

At long last, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson admits he has six children

Prime Minister Boris Johnson admitted that he has six children when confronted about the subject on Tuesday. He has avoided answering the question in numerous interviews for reasons that are not entirely clear.

Washington Examiner

During an interview with NBC's Today, Johnson was asked if he had six children, to which he answered, "Yes."

The number of children fathered by Johnson has been a subject of interest in U.K. politics for years. In 2013, when Johnson was mayor of London, an appeals court rejected an injunction banning news outlets from reporting that a daughter of Johnson came of an extramarital affair.

The U.K. prime minister has had four children with his ex-spouse Marina Wheeler, one daughter from the affair, and a son with his present wife, Carrie Johnson whom he married in May this year.

Johnson said it was "fantastic" having a baby at 10 Downing Street, but added that it was also "a lot of work," according to the NBC interview. "But I absolutely love it," he said. "I change a lot of nappies."Carrie Johnson announced in August that the couple is expecting a second child and revealed she had suffered a miscarriage earlier in the year.

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