Wednesday, September 1, 2021

A woman with 2 vaginas and uteruses just gave birth to a healthy baby after her doctors said it might not be possible

Getting, and staying, pregnant could have been an impossible feat for Evelyn, a 31-year-old Australian woman who has two vaginas and two uteruses — each of which leads to its own fallopiantubeandovary 


For one, she can't precisely track ovulation since doctors don't know if both her ovaries release an egg each month or if they alternate. Plus, her extra reproductive tract means there's not a lot of room in her abdominal cavity for a fetus to grow.

On top of that, her partner had a low sperm count. Doctors pushed the couple to use IVF and prepare for a very premature delivery. 

So when Evelyn, a former sex worker who uses a pseudonym to protect her safety, got pregnant naturally after just a few months of trying, she said she was "ecstatic." She talked to Insider about her unusual conception, pregnancy, and birth to her now seven-week old son. 

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