Tuesday, September 7, 2021

A TV host in Ivory Coast asked a sex offender to show his technique on a mannequin. Women fought back.

 The television host introduced the man as a convicted sex offender. Then he beckoned his guest to a mannequin: “Can you show us how you committed rape?”

The Washington Post

What came next outraged viewers in Ivory Coast, who roundly blasted the segment of a prime-time show this week and urged the West African country’s broadcasting watchdog to punish the production team.

By Thursday, a petition demanding the ouster of Yves de M’Bella, a popular commentator in the nation of 27 million, and sanctions against his employer, Nouvelle ChaĆ®ne Ivoirienne (NCI), had amassed nearly 50,000 signatures.

Protesters surrounded the channel’s office in the commercial capital, Abidjan, holding signs that read: “Don’t trivialize rape.” Telecom authorities suspended de M’Bella from the airwaves for 30 days. A court convicted him of glorifying rape, imposed a fine and ordered him not to leave Abidjan for a year under a suspended prison sentence.

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