Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Zambian prophet who believed he could recreate the resurrection of Jesus dies after getting his followers to bury him alive for three days

 A pastor in Zambia has died after an attempt to recreate the Resurrection of Jesus failed and he was left tied up and buried underground for three days.

Daily Mail

James Sakara, 22, was found dead after being dug back up in the Zambian town of Chadiza in the country's eastern province.

Sakara, the pastor of the Zion church in the town, had convinced his congregation that he could resurrect in three days, mimicking Jesus Christ, and requested he be buried beneath the earth.

Local media reports that he he convinced three church members to assist his resurrection attempt by helping dig a grave. 

Before attempting the resurrection, Sakara quoted from the Bible and explained that Christ’s instruction to his disciples to ‘do this in remembrance of me’ on the night he was betrayed actually referred to his resurrection, not just the use of bread and wine at Holy Communion. 

His three assistants tied his hands together and buried him alive, where he remained for three days.

Upon returning to dig the pastor back up, his congregation discovered his lifeless body and attempted to conduct spiritual rituals. 

However, when Sakara remained lifeless, his following realised his resurrection attempt had proved fruitless.

Of the three church members who volunteered to assist the pastor with his recreation, one has handed himself over to the police. 

The other two assistants are still wanted and are believed to be on the run.

The pastor left behind a young wife who is pregnant, according to reports.

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