Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Man sets world record for eating McDonald’s Big Macs every day for 50 years

 Stopping at McDonald’s on your way home from work or on a night out when you want a quick bite is a great choice and, for some, the only choice. However, would you be willing to make the Big Mac your meal of the day, every day, for 50 years?


That is what World Guinness Record holder Donald Gorske has done. The American has eaten a whopping 32 340 Big Macs over five decades.

 To stay healthy, Gorske skipped the edge of the fries and regularly took a walk to the restaurant. He started eating the hamburger back in 1972, after getting his first car. The first place he drove his car to was McDonald's in his hometown. He ate three Big Macs for lunch that day.

Gorske returned to the fast food restaurant again on the same day, twice. By the end of the day, and having discovered his favourite sandwich in the world, he had eaten nine Big Macs.

A new video on the Guinness World Records TikTok account shows Gorske narrating his story. The Guinness World Record TikTok account has amassed more than 14 million followers since its first posting in 2019, and one of the more viral videos on the account is about Gorske.

The Guinness World Record TikTok commented on the video. It stated that Don had said "he still has a great blood sugar level, an exceptionally good cholesterol, and walks about six miles (10km) per day to maintain his health".

The price of Big Macs has gone up over the years, but considering how many Big Macs he has eaten, the price increases, and added drinks, it's safe to assume that he has spent a large amount of money on his favourite meal.

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