Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Gossip Man gets his wife arrested for buying stolen baby after faking pregnancy for 9 months


A Kenyan man has handed his 25-year-old wife to the police for faking a pregnancy and later buying a baby to pretend she had given birth.


31-year-old Wesley Rono from Ogilgei area in Kuresoi North Constituency, Nakuru County, who has been married to Patricia for five years without a child, said he was excited about the pregnancy report only to discover later that she was faking it.

Speaking to Standard Media, the farmer and small-time businessman said he chose to play along like a fool to see the end motive.

Even though he already knew that his wife wasn’t pregnant, Rono said he provided everything his wife asked for during the nine-month period.

After nine months of her fake pregnancy, Patricia requested money from her husband to go and give birth at Kericho Hospital on August 8, 2021.

Rono says he gave her the money and after a few hours she informed him that she had given birth to a bouncing baby boy.

Rono said he sat back and waited for his wife to bring the baby home but she decided to go to her paternal home in Londiani, Kipkelion East Constituency, to ”recuperate” for a few days.

She finally showed up four days later carrying a baby boy in her arms.

That’s when Rono decided to end the nine-month show by reporting the case at Kericho police station on August 12.

Mrs Rono confessed that she was barren and that the baby, now in the custody of Kericho Police Gender officers, was not her biological child. She had heard from villagers about an old woman in Kiptororo village who sells children

The wife said she paid a Sh2,600 deposit the day she visited the suspected child trafficker at her home.

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