Wednesday, August 18, 2021

‘Godfather Of Sudoku’ Maki Kaji Dead At 69

 Known as the Godfather of Sudoku, Kaji created the puzzle to be easy for children and others who did not want to think too hard.


Originally, Sudoku was called “Suji-wa-Dokushin-ni-Kagiru”, which translates to, “Numbers should be single, a bachelor”.

Born in the main northern island of Hokkaido, Kaji started Japan’s first puzzle magazine after dropping out of Keio University in Tokyo.

He founded Nikoli in 1983 and came up with Sudoku at about the same time.

Yoshinao Anpuku, who succeeded Kaji as Nikoli’s chief executive, said he made friends easily and had a “unique and playful approach toward life”.

Nikoli has provided original puzzles to more than 100 media companies, 10 of them foreign ones. He is survived by his wife Naomi and two daughters.

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