Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Fighters shot dead Journalist as he raises Afghan Flag as Kabul car thief is tarred and woman was shot dead for not wearing a burqa.

 The Taliban's new 'moderate' front has already been betrayed by pictures emerging today of alleged thieves being tarred and strung up to cars to be paraded through Kabul, despite the terror group's claims it had reformed.

Daily Mail

The so-called 'Angels of Salvation' are going from door-to-door and dragging political opponents from their homes at gunpoint. One suspect's neighbour reported that the Taliban said he would be hanged tomorrow. 

Footage showed a car thief on Tuesday with his face covered in tar, strapped up to the back of a truck, with his hands tied behind his back as people gathered around to gawp. A traffic cop stood nearby apparently powerless.  

A young woman was shot dead for allegedly refusing to wear a burqa by marauding jihadists when they captured the northern town of Taloqan in Takhar province last week, according to a post widely shared on social media.

She is seen lying in a pool of blood as her distraught parents crouch beside her body in the image which was shared by the Afghan Ambassador to Poland, Tahir Qadry, who denounced the 'butchering of civilians.' 

Other footage shows Taliban fighters outside Kabul airport on Tuesday wielding AK-47s and rocket launchers, marching towards the terrified crowds and firing warning shots into the air.  

The jihadists have been dubbed 'Taliban 2.0' for their media charm offensive in trying to persuade the world that they have moderated compared to the Taliban of 20 years ago. 

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