Monday, August 30, 2021

Cher dishes on relationship with Val Kilmer: 'I loved him — and I love him'

 Cher, who’s known for her colorful dating history, is opening up about her relationship with Val Kilmer.The stars were a couple in the 1980s, raising eyebrows due to their age difference, with Cher being more than 13 years older than Kilmer.


“We called ourselves Sid and Ethel. Val didn’t want to yell ‘Cher’ and I didn’t want to yell ‘Val,’”

The “Moonstruck” star, 75, said she was introduced to the “Batman Forever” star, 61, at a birthday party a friend threw for her.

“We became friends because we laughed at the same things constantly,” she told People. “He would sleep over and it was just a friendship (at first). That took a long time. Well, I guess not really a long time.”

Cher was not blind to the fact they were not close in age, but she didn’t care.

The Oscar winner, who said Kilmer “was so good with my kids” and helped her prepare for her role in “Mask,” also said they had strong personalities, which could cause conflict.

The relationship evolved over time, with each of them learning to appreciate the other’s talent.

Kilmer would go on to marry Joanne Whalley, with whom he'd have two kids. They married in 1988 before splitting up in 1996, while Cher continued to be romantically linked to a wide range of stars, including Tom Cruise and Richie Sambora.

“I loved him — and I love him. I (just wrote to him), I said, ‘Valus Maximus, I’m sorry if I did anything to piss you off or hurt your feelings. I love you and your documentary was all things ... I love the things that pissed me off, the things that made me hysterical, amazed, hurt, astonished, etc. You are brave and beyond brilliant. Ethel.’”

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