Thursday, July 8, 2021

Zicsaloma, Mama Tobi, others lambasted for cross dressing

 Movie director Brenda Uphopho has lashed out at Instagram comedians and skit makers, Zicsaloma, Mama Tobi and others for exploiting the feminine form by portraying themselves as women.

The Nation

According to Uphopho, these cross-dressing Instagram comedians are perpetuating stupid stereotypes by exploiting women’s form, journeys and voices quite in an awful manner.

The movie director stated these behaviours they accentuate in their skits aren’t true to all women while berating them to quit with the nauseating mimicry disguised as entertainment.

Taking to her Insta story, Brenda wrote: “Crossdressing comedians .. until you mimic and caricature women in your ridiculous skits before you can make it abi?

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