Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Three Asian Students Brutally Attacked by ‘Gang’ of Teens in Australia

 The victims -- a male and two females -- found themselves helpless as members of the group dragged, punched and kicked them on the side of the road The incident, which was caught on video, reportedly occurred outside a shopping center in Inala, a suburb in the city of Brisbane, on June 27. One of the attackers is believed to have filmed the scene.


In the video, members of the group can be seen attacking the victims separately. “What did she do?” the Asian male asks while trying to defend one of his female companions.

“Hey motherf***er, don’t f***ing touch my sister,” one of the attackers says at one point. Another warns, “Don’t touch my brother.”

One of the two Asian females is dragged, punched and kicked by three female attackers. She cried as she struggled on the ground.

The person filming the incident can be heard saying “gang s***, gang s***” near the end of the video. A young male attacker is also seen walking away smiling.

The incident is now under investigation by Queensland Police.

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