Friday, July 2, 2021

Jeff Bezos Reveals 82-Year-Old Woman Pilot As Fourth Passenger On Trip To Space

 Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin firm announced Thursday that barrier-breaking woman aviator Wally Funk, 82, will be the fourth passenger on the billionaire’s space trip.


The trip to space is 60 years overdue for Funk, who was one of the Mercury 13, the first women trained to fly to space from 1960-1961, but excluded because of their gender.

On July 20, she will become the oldest person ever to go to space when she takes part in the journey aboard the New Shepard launch vehicle along with Bezos, his brother Mark and one other traveler who paid $28 million at auction for the seat.

“I can hardly wait,” Funk says in a video posted on Bezos’s Instagram account.

The video shows Bezos describing the trip to Funk, and then asking her what would be the first thing she said after landing.

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