Thursday, July 8, 2021

Bobrisky Causes Traffic – Flaunts Post Surgery Body in Sheer Bikini

Popular Nigerian transgender celebrity Bobrisky has sent social media into a frenzy after showing off her post-surgery body in a sheer bikini.Bobrisky wants you and I to see what her alleged sugar daddy’s money has paid for – a more feminine looking body.


Remember, Bobrisky started off as a hardass man with nothing but a dream.

When hustling got too much for him, he decided to become a she.

He has since built himself into one of Nigeria’s most popular celebrities, which is strange because he’s transgender and most Nigerians claim to hate him.

But that is social media for you – people flock to what they claim to hate.

Bobrisky has been disturbing a lot the past few weeks that she’s going for new surgery on her body.

She claimed she was travelling to the Dominican Republic to get this surgery, although that was probably a lie.

For weeks Bobrisky would not let us rest, every 3rd sentence she spoke was about this surgery.

She even filmed portions of the supposed surgery and placed it online.

Today, Bo0brisky has decided she is going to show off the results of that surgery.

Taing to social media, she shared a video of herself rocking a bikini.

Bobrisky’s nyash was free for viewing to show us the results from the surgery.

Her whole body has a more curvy look now.

It’s getting to the point where if you did not know Bob before you would never believe if you were told she used to be a man.

Congratulations to her, we guess?

Good luck to her and her sugar daddies.

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