Wednesday, July 7, 2021

BBC Pay List Sees Gary Lineker Named As Highest Earner For 4th Consecutive Year

Gary Linekar has been named as the BBCs’s highest paid star for a fourth year in a row, despite last year agreeing to a pay reduction of around £400,000.The corporation has just published its annual report for 2020/21, which revealed the salaries of presenters who earned above £150,000. 


The Match Of The Day host took home between £1,360,000 and £1,364,999, having reduced his salary from 1.5 million pounds from the year before. 

Radio 2’s breakfast host Zoe Ball remains the broadcaster’s second highest paid talent asking to reduce her pay by 28% to £980,000 to reflect the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

This figure is lower than is listed in the 2020/21 annual report, which shows her earnings to be in the bracket of £1,130,000-£1,134,999 and which represents only a few months of Zoe’s new salary deal – including the reduction the presenter requested.

Not all stars’ earnings are published as the list does not include those who work on programmes produced by BBC Studios, which is classed as a commercial entity.

For example, Graham Norton – who dropped out of the top 10 earners after leaving Radio 2 in December – does not have his salary from his chat show included as it is made by BBC Studios. 

Likewise, the stars of shows such as EastEnders and Strictly Come Dancing do not have their earnings included in the list.

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