Friday, June 11, 2021

Who Is Lumbersexual?

Men’s styles and trends change as much as women’s fashions. The metrosexuals arrived first, then the ubersexual. Today, everything is about lumbersexuals. But what is the heck? It’s a blend of lumberjack hipster, plaid shirts and beards but they’re so cool it’s awesome. While this new fad has a peculiar name, I ‘m sure more than one lumbersexual can be found in your lifetime.

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When the number of people looking tousled and unkempt on the streets hits you, don’t panic. A male trait is this: lumbersexuality. In reference to American lumberjacks, they are called this. While they do not seem to know about it, their presence is of interest to them. It takes time and effort to look virile and strong, just like with any other fashion trend.

The most common option for wardrobes. They usually use flannel shirts that are checked black and red, but they embrace other variants (even if they are only one shade of blue, ock, or maroon). We are pairing the shirt with a pair of worn-out jeans, rustic boots and a wool cap to complete the country look. They wear a suit occasionally, but without covering up the rustic features.

 Like Samson, the power of the lumbersexual radiates out of his slightly dark, “seemingly” unkempt hair. Her bushy beard is the real symbol of his personality. It’s absolutely not embarrassing to be hairy. It is instead a source of pride.

 When you see them, the first thing they find in their closet seems to have dressed them up. They look ignored as if without thinking about them, they picked their clothes and they look beautiful anyway.

Not a rare trait. Most lumberjacks are tattooed to some part of their body.

They enjoy nature,outdoor sports,forest walking and picnics on the river. Within the company of a few essentials, they want to do all this: their backpack and his friend, their dark-rimmed eyeglasses.

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