Thursday, June 17, 2021

Vaccine passports will show ‘natural immunity’ for people who have had Covid

 Vaccine passports on the NHS app will automatically include a user's "natural immunity" to Covid for six months after contracting the virus without the need for an antibody test under a new trial.

The Telegraph

The scheme will see 180-day natural immunity certificates issued to people taking part in the Govt's event large event trials who have tested positive for Covid this year, even if they have not had an antibody test.

Officials hope the scheme could eventually expand the number of people who could use vaccine passports to prove their immunity if they are approved for domestic use in the UK.

From June 21, fans attending one of the Government's approved large event trials – such as Wimbledon or Euro 2020 matches – who have tested positive since the start of this year will have a green badge on the app.

Evidence suggests natural resistance to Covid after an infection could last years, but most scientists agree patients will have at least six months of immunity.

People taking part in the trial who register new Covid infections with the NHS will still have to isolate for 14 days, during which time they may be infectious, before the app turns green for six months to show they have antibodies, The Telegraph understands.

The natural immunity pilot comes as part of the Government's Event Research Program, which is trialling various options for Covid passports when large crowds return on July 19

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