Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Travellers move on after setting up camp outside Windsor Castle

Many around the country can bear witness to how difficult it can be to remove unwelcome visitors from private land or local parks. Not so for the Queen.

The Telegraph

It took police and Crown Estate officials just a couple of hours to get a group of gypsies who had pitched their caravans in the grounds of Windsor Great Park, yards from the monarch's residence, to leave.

Rather than being forced to go to court to obtain an eviction notice, the officials managed to persuade the group to "get off one's land" rather swiftly.

The dozen families moved a couple of miles away and stopped at a council recreation park on the edge of Windsor, where they are planning to remain until ordered to move on.

Questions are being raised as to how the group, which included around a dozen families with young children, managed to drive onto the Long Walk, running through the Great Park to the gates of Windsor Castle, so easily.

The families managed to drive their vehicles onto the paved road of the Long Walk, evading the few low bollards bordering the grassland that is popular with walkers and runners. 

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