Tuesday, June 1, 2021

The Miz And His Wife Maryse Went To A Sex Shop During Their First Date

 WWE star The Miz had a very interesting first date with his wife Maryse.During an interview with BroBible’s “Endless Hustle” podcast, The Miz revealed that the first date that he had with Ouellet was at an adult sex shop in Wichita, Kansas. 


The logic behind the bold move? He wanted to make it clear from day one that he wasn’t going to be in the friend zone. Watch the two of them break it down below. 

What an incredibly lovely story! Just a truly romantic story for the ages! Imagine being on a first date, which you kind of have to use loosely here given the context, and ending up at a sex shop. 

That’s about as bold as it gets because that could backfire in a huge way really quickly. 

Obviously, it didn’t go south and everything worked out just fine for the WWE stars because they’ve been happily married for a few years. 

I guess fortune favors the bold, and there’s no better way to prove that you won’t end up in the friend zone than a sex shop.

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