Wednesday, June 9, 2021

The Culture Where Parents Hire Men to Have Sex With Their Daughters

 The tradition known as Kusasa Fumbi — translated as Brushing off the dust is a mandatory initiation process for girls in Malawi. When the girl gets her first menstruation, she is taken to an initiation camp where she’d camp with other girls like her.


 There, all the girls are groomed on all they need to know about womanhood and the art of sex. They are taught different sexual behaviors, sex positions, and languages. And these lessons are usually taught in form of dance, dramatic demonstrations, and songs.

At the camp, the girls are left under the supervision of older more experienced women known as Nankungwi. These women are usually sex experts whose duty is to make sure the girls know all there is to know about pleasing their men sexually.

After the time at the camp, the girls are to return to their homes and wait until the night when they’d get a visitation from a certain man. On returning home after the initiation, the parents of the girls would hire a man known as the Hyena. The duties of Hyenas are to disvirgin young pubertal girls in the village. The Hyena usually charges the equivalent of about $4 to $7 dollars per girl.

After being paid by the girl’s parents, late at night, when everyone’s fast asleep, he’d go into her room and force himself on her.

The reason for this harmful and barbaric culture is that the people believe that the sex ritual is a prevention method against diseases and for the ritual to really be effective, it must be done without protection as the ritual requires an exchange of fluids to work. Ironic I know!

For many generations now, the ritual has been mandatory for every girl as it’s considered a rite of passage into womanhood. Refusal to comply is always met with ostracization in the community as well as other superstitious beliefs like having extremely dry skin and suffering several sicknesses.

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