Monday, June 21, 2021

Police officers arrested and detained fast food restaurant workers for refusing to give them free burgers, CCTV footage shows

 The entire staff of a fast-food restaurant in Pakistan was arrested and detained overnight for refusing to give a group of police officers free burgers..


All 19 workers at the Johnny & Jugnu chain in Lahore were held for seven hours from last Friday night until the early hours of Saturday morning, the media outlet reported.

"They kept our team locked up, harassing them, pushing them around, all for not giving them free burgers, for not entertaining a 'request from a very high profile special guest,'" the restaurant chain said in a statement on Facebook

The restaurant workers were not given enough time to close the kitchens, the statement added. The fryers were still running and customers were left waiting for orders, Johnny & Jugnu said.

CCTV footage shows the restaurant being cleared out by police officers.

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