Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Man Honors Drunken Bet and Changes His Name to John Cena

 Though he was drunk when he agreed to it, a UK man honored his word by legally changing his name to "John Cena" after he lost a bet. 


“We’d had a few drinks and were play-wrestling. We were just messing around, pretending to do announcements like in WWEand one of my friends was introducing John Cena,” said 23-year-old Lewis Oldfield to the sun. “One thing led to another and they dared me to change my name to John Cena.”

It’s reported that the now-former-Oldfield originally contemplated getting Cena’s name tattooed onto him, but then instead he agreed to the original deal.

“I was going to get a tattoo saying it but did this instead. I always follow through with dares so I just did it,” the restaurant worker continued. “I’m not even a wrestling fan!”

As for the process, Oldfield, while sober, paid $55 and filled out half-a-dozen legal documents to make things official. He also bought a $104 passport that had his new name. 


That approach may not be the one his “more serious” dad takes, though he’s yet to learn of it.

“I actually don’t mind the name so I’m going to keep it,” Oldfield Cena said. 

Integrity in action.

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