Thursday, June 24, 2021

Loyal dog makes daily visit to Mexican coal mine to wait for his deceased owner to come home .

 Almost three weeks after the explosion that killed seven coal miners, one of the victim's loyal pets is still coming to visit his late owner every day.

Daily Mail

Gonzalo Cruz, 53, adopted mutt Cuchufleto six months ago and every day since he joined the family, the dog would accompany Cruz on the half-mile morning walk to the northeast Mexico coal mine in Múzquiz, Coahuila.

'He would leave with my husband at 6:30 am, Cruz's widow Sandra Briseño said. 'He even went inside with my husband to the mine. He did not care that it was dark. There he was. Sometimes he would go out and wait for him outside,' she said. 

The dog would return back to the Cruz' home while he went to work but would sometimes pop back on his own if he noticed his owner was running late. 

But everything changed on June 4, when the mine suffered a collapse, killing seven miners, including Cruz.  

Briseño told television station 15 sabinas that on the afternoon of the tragic accident, Cuchufleto sensed that Cruz had not arrived and went off on his own to the mine to pick him up, only to be met by dozens of rescue workers who were attempting to reach the trapped miners. 

According to Briseño, Cuchufleto stood outside the mine until rescue workers pulled out Cruz's body June 6. Later that day, Cruz was laid to rest and Cuchufleto did not return home until late at night.  

Since then, the distraught dog spends his days lying in front of the door steps waiting for Cruz to come back from his shift at the mine. 

In the three weeks that have passed since the mine collapse, Cuchufleto has barely ate anything and only drinks water. 

While Cuchufleto spends most of his days sitting outside the house, residents have spotted him sniffing and scratching at the surface outside the mine while looking around to see if Cruz is going to finally show up. 

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