Friday, June 4, 2021

LeBron James Cracks ‘Space Jam 2’ Joke After Losing In 1st Round Of NBA Playoffs

 After a 113-100 loss to the Phoenix Suns on June 3, the Los Angeles Lakers are officially out of the NBA Playoffs. The team took their opponents to Game 6, but were unable to secure the victory.

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 This means that LeBron James is officially out of championship contention. It’s also the first time that he made the playoffs but didn’t get past the first round in his 18-year NBA career (there were just three seasons where LeBron didn’t make the playoffs at all).

Despite this shocking elimination, LeBron seemed to be in decent spirits at the post-game press conference. In fact, he even cracked a joke to end the Q&A session! When asked if he’d be appearing at the Olympic Games later this summer, LeBron responded, “I think I’m going to be playing for the Tune Squad this summer instead of the Olympics.” Of course, he’s referring to his Upcoming role in Space Jam 2 which will be released on July 16.

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