Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Kate Middleton Wore the Preppy-Sporty Trend That's All Over Instagram

 It goes without saying, but 2020 was a very weird year. And partially because of this, some random trends materialized—one of which was the tennis aesthetic.

Who What Wear

 People were desperate for fun, socially distanced outdoor activities to busy themselves last year, and one that became particularly popular was the sport of tennis.

While some took the trend literally, some of the fashion crowd dressed like they were headed to a tennis match in their sporty-preppy gear when they were actually just headed to an outdoor brunch. Kate Middleton falls into the former category. She and Prince William are in the middle of a Scotland tour, and for an actual game of tennis, Middleton did her version of the tennis aesthetic with a Ralph Lauren sweater, cropped black pants, and her favorite Superga sneakers. If she were one to Instagram her outfits, we imagine that this one would've made the cut.

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