Friday, June 11, 2021

Heroic British woman, 28, saved her twin sister from the jaws of a 10ft crocodile in Mexico .


The heroic British woman who saved her sister from the jaws of a crocodile in Mexico has been seen for the first time since the attack as she described her battle to save her twin as 'fight or flight'.

Daily Mail

Georgia Laurie was pictured with a bandaged hand on Thursday outside the hospital where Melissa is still recovering.

The 28-year-old walked around the hospital with a male companion after suffering wounds to her hand while punching off the crocodile.

It comes as Georgia has described for the first time how she risked her own life to fight off the ten-foot-long predator who had dragged Melissa under the water and tried to drown her in a death-roll.

Speaking at the hostel where she is staying, Georgia, from Sandhurst, Berkshire, said: 'It was fight or flight and you fight for the ones you love'

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