Thursday, June 24, 2021

Chinese builders construct ten-storey apartment block in 29 HOURS

 In a feat you wouldn't think - or hope - was possible, Chinese builders have constructed a ten-storey apartment block in just 29 hours. While the erection of the building in the central city of Changsha has been hailed by the developers as the 'world's shortest construction period', the new residents of the apartments might be a little wary of the quick build.


Broad Group, a Chinese construction company, decided that taking the usual year or so to build a ten-storey apartment block just wasn't going to fit their time-frame, so they went for the much quicker option and built it in just over a day.

Time-lapse footage of the build shows a large group of construction workers and three cranes completing the high-rise building, which has been named the Living Building, in just 28 hours and 45 minutes.   

They managed the seemingly impossible feat by assembling small self-contained modular units that had been built in advance at a factory.

The units, which were the size of shipping containers and made of stainless steel, were then transported to the building site in trucks. 

In a scene reminiscent of the game Jenga, cranes were used to lift the units and stack them on top of each other as workers quickly worked to bolt them all into place.

In a clever design, as the units were stacked, one wall of each module was folded down to become a floor - and windows and balconies folded outwards to enclose the spaces.  

Once the basic structure was finished, water and electricity were installed. 

The video shows the completed apartment block which has been furnished and has simple white walls and wooden floors.

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