Thursday, June 24, 2021

Britney Spears Asks Court To End ‘Abusive’ Guardianship

Britney spears urged a judge in an emotional hearing Wednesday to end an “abusive” guardianship that gave her father control of her affairs in 2008.


The 39-year-old star’s finances and personal life have been largely managed by Jamie Spears since her highly public breakdown more than a decade ago, leading some fans to launch a “FreeBritney” online campaign in recent years.

In a speech where Spears barely stopped to catch her breath, the star said that, under the legal arrangement, she has been prevented from having a contraceptive implant removed, despite wanting more children.

The mother of two said it had left her “traumatized” and “depressed.”Spears has long had a difficult relationship with her father.

Last year, she filed to remove him from the conservatorship and give sole power over her estate to a financial institution. Her court-appointed lawyer said she was “afraid” of her father.

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