Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Bridesmaid's husband gets uninvited to wedding due to his height: 'She is being shallow'

 Another bride appears to have lost a friend over an extreme wedding day demand. Rather than having her maid of honor’s husband attend the big day, the bride reportedly wanted to exclude the man from festivities due to his height, according to a post shared on Reddit


The anonymous maid of honor shared the strange request in a forum where people ask whether they are wrong in a civil dispute, and explained that she’s understandably uncomfortable with the rescinded invite

Her husband is nearly 5-foot-5 (165 cm) while the maid of honor is slightly taller than 5-foot-five (166 cm), according to her post.

The maid of honor explained that she offered to wear flat shoes to the wedding, but the bride was not willing to compromise because the rest of her bridal party will be wearing high heels.

When the maid of honor told the bride that she wouldn’t be attending the wedding without her husband, the bride still tried to convince her otherwise.

The maid of honor’s husband naturally backed up her decision and said it wouldn’t reflect well if she caved into the bride’s demand. However, the maid of honor wanted to get input from the Reddit community for "objective" opinions.

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