Sunday, June 27, 2021

Beggar dies leaving behind $1.5 million in Egypt

 After the death of a beggar in Egypt, his family received the shock of their lives when they learned he was a millionaire while he had always claimed to be poor and broke.


The family in Sohag Governorate, southern Egypt, said they received a letter from a postman one month after the death of the man.

“One day after the death of my father, a postman knocked on our door asking for my father. I told him that he had  passed away a month ago. Then he handed me a letter from a local bank. At first, we thought our father had taken a loan. However, we could not believe it when we opened the letter. My father had 22 million Egyptian pounds ($1.5million) deposited in the bank. I fell on the ground unconscious and was taken to hospital,” the millionaire beggar’s son said.

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