Thursday, June 17, 2021

American Woman Who Was Adopted by White Family Finds Out She’s a West African Princess .

The photo on the left shows Sarah Culberson with her adopted dad and the one on the left shows her with her biological father. Photo: iamprincesssc. 

A woman who grew up in the United States discovered decades later that she is a real-life princess from Sierra Leone. 


Sarah Culberson was adopted by a white family at a very young age and raised in West Virginia, US. According to NBC News, Sarah grew curious about her biological family at age 28; she embarked on a journey to find them and got more than she bargained for. 

The child of a white mother and African dad, Sarah was put in foster care and eventually adopted by Jim Culberson, with her father believed to have wanted nothing to do with her, reported FOX News. After doing a search, she contacted her mother's relatives, who broke the news that her father was from Sierra Leone and even connected her to her African uncle. Unfortunately, she also learned that her biological mum died when she was only 11 years old.  

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