Sunday, June 27, 2021

A man who was in prison for 34 years was exonerated after an investigation found evidence of police misconduct

 A Philadelphia man has been exonerated after decades in prison, after old evidence resurfaced that pointed to a different suspect..In 1984, South Philadelphia store owner Il Man Heo was fatally shot in an armed robbery



60-year-old Curtis Crosland was convicted of murder and served 34 years in prison. He was released on June 24.

A special unit of the District Attorney's office found investigators had illegally concealed evidence, including documentation that police informants who identified Crosland had lied. The witnesses said detectives had coerced them into testifying with threats of jail, according to the Inquirer.

Multiple eyewitnesses to the crime confirmed Crosland's innocence, and one even identified another suspect.

Crosland had previously tried nine times to overturn the conviction, representing himself in court when attorneys failed to help him make a case

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